Introduction to MS Project:

This module is designed to make participants comfortable & confident in using Microsoft Project. It is not only learning the tool but also learning “Exploiting” the tool to suit the project needs. It will aid in understanding the logic behind using the tool.

Learning Objective: MS Project

1.Gain a sound understanding of the Microsoft Project program.
2. Learn the use and significance of various views, tables and reports.
3. Develop easy to track project schedule.
4. Track and analyze schedule progress by different methods. Read and review the project schedule.
5. Schedule developing and tracking checklists will be given to the participants. The checklists are prepared considering practical situations.
6. Discussion on concept of Buffer Management using MS Project.

Prerequisite: MS Project

This course is designed for those who have some project management knowledge, but who are new to Microsoft Project, or have preliminary knowledge of Microsoft Project.

Course Content: MS Project

1. Introduction

2. Overview of MSP

-Basic equation of Microsoft Project (MSP)
-Basic structure / User Interface of Microsoft Project
-Mistakes the people make while using MSP

3. Reading a Schedule in MSP

- Project Statistics
- Auto filters & custom filters
- “Viewing Work, Duration, Cost”
- Task Usage view- overview
- Resource Usage view overview 3.6 Sample case study and schedule reading assignment

4. Writing/Developing project schedule in MSP

- Flow of developing a project schedule
- Gantt view & formatting
- Task dependency types & significance
- Use of task entry view
- Task types & significance
- Task Constraints
- Resource sheet details & significance
- Selecting resources from Resource Pool
- Project & Resource Calendars
- Resource Allocation
- Concept of Baseline
- Schedule Development assignment

5. Tracking/Updating Plan in MSP

- Different ways of updating the plan
- ‘Tracking Gantt’ view
- Concept of ‘Progress Lines’
- Saving interim plans – baselines
- Schedule Tracking assignment

6. Printing from MSP

- Printing Gantt chart
- Note on customization
- Reports

7. Overview of Working with multiple projects

-Quick overview of using project professional for multi-project in case server is not installed

8. Question and Answer Session.

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