Big DataBig Data Hadoop Admin Training

Training Date: July 20, 21, 22, 23

Duration:  4 Days / 32 Hours

Trainer: Mr. Rajeev (Big Data Hadoop & Cloud Consultant)

Seats Are Limited !!


The Big Data Hadoop Certification course is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark, including HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce. You will learn to use Pig, Hive, and Impala to process and analyze large datasets stored in the HDFS, and use Sqoop and Flume for data ingestion with our big data training. Big Data Hadoop Administrator training is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop administrator. You will master real-time data processing using Spark, including functional programming in Spark, implementing Spark applications, understanding parallel processing in Spark, and using Spark RDD optimization techniques.

As a part of the big data course, you will be required to execute real-life industry-based projects using CloudLab in the domains of banking, telecommunication, social media, insurance, and e-commerce.


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