Agile Business Analysis

Curriculum aligned with Agile Business Analysis of iSQI and IREB®, Germany


Duration: 5 days

Course Overview

The Agile Business Analysis workshop provides an excellent introduction to structured requirements engineering and business analysis in an agile development. This workshop with case-study based approach helps in application of the concepts in a real-time environment with standard methodology. This program provides immediate return on investment by increasing the productivity and efficiency of the requirement engineers and business analysts.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the difference between traditional and Agile business analysis
  • Understand the BA role in the Agile team and the organisation
  • Identify stakeholders and personas.
  • Capture and manage requirements for incremental delivery.
  • Learn how modelling techniques used for requirements engineering.
  • Learn to manage requirements throughout project lifecycle.

Course Content

Business Analysis Introduction

  • Business analysis
  • Business analysis and Requirements Engineering
  • The competencies of a Business Analyst

Agile Introduction

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The 12 principles
  • Agile approaches, Scrum and XP
  • The link with Kanban and Lean
  • Roles in Agile and BA roles in Agile

Requirements Engineering

  • Requirements Engineering Framework
  • System and System Context

Requirements Elicitation

  • Sources of Requirements
  • Categorization of Requirements
  • Kano Model
  • Elicitation Techniques

Requirements Documentation

  • Document Structure
  • Quality Criteria for Requirements Documents
  • Quality Criteria for Requirements

Documentation of Requirements using Natural Language

  • Language Effects
  • Constructing Requirements using a Template

Model-based Documentation of Requirements

  • Goal Models
  • Use Case Models
  • Structural Requirements Models
  • Functional Requirements Models
  • Behavioural Requirements Models

Checking and Reconciling Requirements

  • Checking Requirements Quality
  • Principles for Checking Requirements
  • Techniques for Checking Requirements
  • Techniques for Reconciling Conflicting Requirements

Requirements Management

  • Adding Attributes to Requirements
  • Creating Views of Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Tracing Requirements
  • Requirements Versioning
  • Managing Change Requests

BA techniques in Agile projects

  • BABOK and the Agile extension
  • The Agile framework

Business View

  • Business capability
  • Personas
  • Value stream mapping

Customer Thinking

  • Story decomposition, mapping & boarding

Value Definition

  • The product backlog
  • Business value definition

Using Examples

  • Behaviour driven development
  • BDD and test automation

Planning and Estimation

  • Relative estimation
  • Planning workshop
  • Real options

Collaboration and continuous improvement

  • Collaborative games
  • Retrospectives

Avoiding Waste

  • Lean
  • Just In Time


  • Review
  • Lessons learned
  • Action planning